Business Support

Unknown potential in the heart of South America

Privately held company, Grupo Montecristo has a strong business experience in South America, particularly in Paraguay where is based its head office. We are mainly active and optimize the work of our team in the following domains:

• Oil & Gas prospection and exploration,

• Supplying of top quality products and services to the petroleum industry,

• Providing of crude oil and refined petroleum products,

• Validation and support of infrastructure, industrial and real estate projects.


Grupo Montecristo is one of the first private sector company in the oil industry in Paraguay


We are thinking big and working hard to identify the best business opportunities and turn them into value for our shareholders, for our team, for peoples, and for the development of Paraguay and the South American continent.


Grupo Montecristo creates and shares wealth in the perspective of sustainable development, with relevance, effectiveness and intelligence.