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A group of 6 companies
3 of the most important exploraty blocks in Paraguay
3 E&P contracts signed with the State
A total area of almost 6.000.0000 hectares of prospection / exploration
A team that totals over 40 years experience in the O&G industry
3 international commercial representations

About Us


GRUPO MONTECRISTO is operating mainly in prospection, exploration, and trading of oil and natural gas, through its subsidiaries EMPRESAS RIVIERA S.A., MB ENERGIA S.A., COMPAÑIA PETROLERA PARAGUAYA S.A., COMPAÑIA DE SERVICIOS PETROLEROS S.A., PETROPY S.A.



The group has a portfolio of potential resources estimated at a minimum of 2000 million barrels of oil equivalent (2000 MMBOE).



GRUPO MONTECRISTO is one of the first private sector company in the oil industry in Paraguay, with 3 exploratory blocks representing a total area of almost 4.000.0000 hectares located in the most promising sedimentary basins in Paraguay. 2 blocks in the Parana Basin and 1 block in the Carandayty Basin, with more than 1.000Km of seismic, gravimetry, magnetometry, geochemistry, and 8 exploratory wells.



Our activity in the field of O&G services is developed within our subsidiary COMPAÑIA DE SERVICIOS PETROLEROS S.A., in partnership with the Russian company GUEONIKA, the French Group CIFAL and the Indonesian company PT ISTANA KARANG LAUT. We offer a catalog of services of the highest quality, incorporating the most advanced technologies in the market including formation of petroleum engineers and technicians.


GRUPO MONTECRISTO is working to become the largest private producer of oil and gas in Paraguay. Its goal is to develop and consolidate the value of its assets, paving the way for a strong generation of operating revenues, high profitability, minimal environmental impact, and important social development. All of our projects are designed, built and managed in an economically viable, environmentally responsible and socially just manner.


Sustainability, respect, transparency in business are our foundations. We are thinking for the future.


GRUPO MONTECRISTO values the best practices of governance, looking for partnerships with recognized companies and institutions, so as to ensure the smooth progress of its activities and a harmonious relationship with his partners, the society and the Governments.


GRUPO MONTECRISTO is convinced that the business of exploration and production of Oil and Gas can be developed based on the pillars of sustainability. Therefore, its activities are always conducted in strict compliance with the requirements of the relevant authorities, maintaining a relationship based on dialogue and transparency with the public and the communities in which it operates.


Our company operates in accordance with the applicable legislation and our own requirements regarding sustainability, with a view to promoting economic and social development, without losing sight of the needs of the environment.